Friday, October 12, 2012

fanfiction has led me to believe that if i go to a coffee shop, i will end up spilling my coffee on a cute guy who will be gracious about it and even offer to buy me another cup of coffee

we will sit down and talk, and he’ll discover that i am a witty and charming person

he will then ask for my number or ask to see me another time, and i will be coy about that or smile enigmatically

i will stand up to leave, thanking him for the coffee and as i reach the door, he’ll call after me and i’ll turn around

"may i at least know your name" he’ll ask, and i’ll dither for a bit before giving it to him

as i push through the door, he’ll ask “will i ever see you again” to which i will answer “if it’s fate, you will”

he’ll see me across the street a week later and we’ll catch each other’s eye

as traffic courses between us, we’ll smile at each other because we know it’s fate~

this will be followed by months of shameless flirting, the beginning of a relationship, a hot ex-girlfriend of his who’ll appear out of the blue and try to get him back, a huge blowout between us, him running through the rain to beat at my door and beg my forgiveness, a makeout scene, and our relationship’s eventual healing

fast forward a couple of years and the epilogue will be us getting married and him carrying me off bridal style into the sunset


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